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    Zlate & Partners

    With more than 15 years’ experience on the Romanian market, Daniel Zlate and the Team will provide you top services for very reasonable fees. Our goal is to grow up together with the Client and to always support the Client, when needed and deserved.

    Nothing is more important than a strong and longtime partnership. Such partnership is difficult to be built, but once achieved it will become the key solution that will warrant the safety, stability and profitability of the Client’s business.

    To know and understand the Client’s business and needs is something mandatory for a lawyer, in order to be able to offer its clients the best, the fastest and the safest legal solutions.

    Our Team composed both by barristers and solicitors is specialized mainly in civil and commercial law, real estate, corporate, banking & finance, insurances, energy, dispute resolutions, insolvency and debts recovery.

    We are focused only on these fields because we do not want to mislead the Clients by promising them more than we are able to offer as top quality legal services.

    We always prefer to lose a potential client instead of disappointing him or, even worse, guiding him in a wrong direction. Before accepting a case or a project, we carefully analyze the situation and our ability to provide the most suitable legal support and only after that do we inform the Client that he can rely on us, and not vice versa.

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