Agricultural Projects

Romania is one of the biggest E.U. countries with almost 10 million ha of agricultural land. Due to E.U. funds and the evolution of the market, agriculture becomes one of the top investments in Romania.

The acquisition of agricultural land and the development of a farm always involve legal knowledge and skills that are available only to a few lawyers. In this particular case of real estate investment, the rules of the legal services are different from the ones used for residential/offices/logistic.

In agriculture, it is about a huge amount of documents and lands as well as about the particular practice of each City Hall where the lands are located. It is very important for the Client to have the ownership documents revised, but in the same time to keep legal cost at a reasonable level.

Due to our experience, we can analyze a huge volume of property docs and solve the relevant problems within reasonable time& fees. During over 10 years’ experience, our attorneys assisted both sellers and buyers of agricultural lands in several transactions involving farms of thousands of hectares each.

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