Corporate & Commercial

Each business involves a company. Each company involves stockholders/shareholders and corporate rules. Without a strong and clear Articles of Incorporation (shareholders’ agreement), a business developed by several investors might fail in case of conflicts among them. It is mandatory for the Articles of Incorporation to regulate their respective duties and obligations and to prevent future litigations and project’s failure.

Some of the services provided by Zlate&Partners include the following, without being limited to them: due diligence and draft of corporate due diligence reports, legal opinions, memorandums, shares transfer agreements, joint ventures agreements, Articles of Incorporation.

Moreover, we accompany clients throughout the various stages of their corporate existence, including registration of subsidiaries, branches, representative offices, amendments in the legal set up, capital restructuring, changes in shareholding structure by drafting all the necessary documents needed for the company’s activity.

During our professional activity, we have incorporated hundreds of companies and we have performed all types of corporate amendments, such as: change of control, mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares, de-mergers increase of share capital, dissolution, powers of attorney for directors, change of headquarters, change of activity object, permitting etc.

We know that time is the essence and we focus on providing full services in the shortest time possible.

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