Dispute Resolutions

Our barristers are fully able to undertake commercial and business litigations on behalf of the Clients.

These attorneys have considerable experience in a wide range of litigation matters, ranging from customary commercial practice associated with general representation of corporations and partnerships and disputes arising out of commercial transactions, to litigation involving title insurance matters, equipment and other commercial litigation, landlord-tenant / developer-contractor disputes and any other kind of real estate disputes.

In our activity as attorneys, most of us have merged the “consultancy activity” with the “litigation activity’’. Our belief is that in order to draft and close a strong commercial/civil agreement which can be successfully enforced by his client, an attorney needs the knowledge and the understanding of a potential litigation which may arise between parties as result of such contract completion or non-completion of the parties’ undertakings.

Some of us have worked mainly in the “consultancy area’’, but we have approached also the litigation field, after being involved in the pre-litigation procedures (negotiations and conciliations), post litigation procedures (negotiations and transactions) as well as in other litigations before the Law Courts (in the real estate, commercial, debs’ recovery and insolvency field)..

Due to our experience in the civil law field and our negotiation skills (a combination of law and business orientation), our lawyers have been requested to assist and represent clients in hundreds of pre-litigation procedures (negotiations and conciliation procedure), in disputes regarding the real estate and commercial transactions and claims. Moreover, our attorneys have built their reputation based on hundreds of court cases, with very high successful rate.

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