Some of our barristers have huge experience in the insurance field in almost all areas of insurances: loan insurances, title insurances, car accidents, fire or storm events, construction accidents, shipping damages etc.

When implementing a project, it is very important and highly advisable to also hire a legal advisor specialized in insurances. When contracting insurances, the clients need to be assisted and the insurance needs to be strongly revised in order for the client to really be covered by the insurance he chooses. In case of an insured event occurs, a good insurance policy is the one that covers such an event and not the one that excludes it.

A fire even can bankrupt a business in case it is not covered, therefore we, as lawyers need to be sure that the insurers do not take advantage of the client’s lack of expertise in the insurance field.

We are able to assist the client both in contracting insurance policies but also in recovering the insured amount in case an event occurs.

If the insurance company refuses the payment request, we have the knowledge and the expertise to obtain the insured amount either directly by negotiation with the insurer or in the court of law considering that our barristers have huge experience in over 1,000 insurance claims.

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