Real Estate & Constructions

Our core legal field is the real estate sector and all the other fields connected: banking & finance, M&A, corporate & commercial, dispute resolutions. We are specialized in almost all matters related to the real estate field.

Among others, our experience was gained by providing legal advice and assistance for developers, investment funds and various contractors, in office and logistics, retail and residential projects, entertainment and energy area.

The main legal activities performed were: drafting and negotiating Head of Terms, memorandums of understandings, pre-sale and sale contracts, due-diligence reports, lease contracts, construction contracts, designing contracts, engineering contracts, all kind of services contracts, utilities contracts, reservation contracts, mortgage contracts, novation contracts, personal warranty contracts, assignments of receivable, conventions, notifications, answers to notifications, transactions in all stages of litigations, including foreclosure procedure stage, analysis of ownership documents for properties acquired/rented by the Client etc.

Our mission starts when the investor comes to Romania and identifies potential plots of land/projects for acquisition & development purposes and ends when the Client perform its exit, by marking his profit.

Corporate registration, joint-ventures, due diligence, acquisition, financing, permitting, design, construction, sale or rent are the key stages of a successful project where the expertise and the availability of the attorney can make the difference between loss and profit.

During more than 10 years of career, Daniel Zlate have provided legal support, services and consultancy, as per the Clients’ request in all their projects as well as in their “day to day” legal operations in various complex projects totalizing approximately 1 Billion Euro.

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